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Golden National School, Golden, Cashel

Parents' Association

Golden National School is fortunate to have a very active, co-operative and supportive Parents' Association.

The involvement of the Parents' Association is reflected in the equipment that they have provided for the school. Included in this equipment are a iPads, laptops, a number of interactive whiteboards, playground markings, sports gear, and school furniture.

They also organise and subsidise a hugely successful Book Rental scheme. Their generous contributions have enhanced every aspect of school life in Golden N.S. The members of the Parents' Association contribute to the formulation of school policy documents in their capacity as partners in education.

The role of the Parents' Association is to represent the views of the parents through their parental representatives on the Board of Management.

If any new parents should wish to know more about the Parents' Association or wish to help with fundraising ventures, they are encouraged to contact either the PA Chairperson or Secretary, whose names can be obtained from the school website. You can also call our school office on 062 72164 for more information.