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School Work for 1st & 2nd Class 11th Jan. 2021

12th Jan 2021

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well at home. Everything you need for the coming weeks should be available in the packs you collected from school.

Below I have set out the work for this week. Most of your work will begin on Wednesday as we wanted to give everyone a chance to collect their books; however there is a small bit set for today, Tuesday 12th Jan. (2pages of reading from your new reader & a page from Jolly Grammar).

I will be engaging with you all on Seesaw over the coming weeks and look forward to hearing from you, answering any questions you have and correcting your work. I also hope to upload some helpful videos/activities throughout the week to assist you with your learning – this will not be extra work on top what is set below, it will be more so to help you and further explain any new topics. I may also include some optional extras just for fun for those who are looking for more activities (eg. a crossword/wordsearch, links to a story, online maths/tables games etc)

We will all do the best we can over the coming weeks until normal school can resume again.

Looking forward to linking in with you all,

Ms. Ryan


  • English:

Reading (2 pages a day Tues.- Fri.)

  • 1st Class: The School Trip – St. Patrick’s Day Jumper pg. 4 - 11
  • 2nd Class: Bedtime Stories – The Wise Girl pg. 2 - 9


Jolly Grammar/Spellings (Tues/Wed – 1 page a day)

  • 1st Class pg. 28 a_e & pg. 29 verbs
  • 2nd  Class pg. 28 ee/ea & pg.29 sentences


Cloze Worksheet (Wed./Thurs)

  • How to Make a Snowman
  • Three wishes

Writing - Into your English copy as per note in your pack

Handwriting (Thurs/Fri) - Pg29 & 30


  • Maths:


  • Busy at Maths (Wed./Thurs./Fri.)
    Number Fun pg. 85,86,87


  • Busy at Maths (Wed./Thurs./Fri.)
  • 3D Shapes pg. 111, 112, 113
  • Tables +7
  • Work it Out: We will begin Week 14 from next week from Monday (18th Jan)


  • Gaeilge:

Bua na Cainte (An Chéadaoin/ An Déardaoin/An Aoine)

  • Bia pg. 37, 38, 39
  • Bí ag cleachtadh:
  • 37: Rinne _____ ______. (Rinne mé ceapaire/ Rinne Mamaí tósta)
  • 38: Bí ag léamh agus líon na bearnaí
  • 39: Bí ag scríobh & leigh amach an biachlár

2nd class (An Chéadaoin/An Déardaoin)

  • F & F Aonad 13 An Litir í


  • SESE:

Smallword – Science (Friday)

  • Pg.32 Winter