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Infant Homework: A Note on Sight Words

13th Sep 2021

Sight Words Teaching Strategies

Teaching sight words is our first step to learning how to read in the Infant classroom. It is different to Phonics (learning the sounds letters make, which we will start next month) as many of these words don’t follow the usual rules when it comes to sounding out. Sight words instruction increases a child’s familiarity with the high frequency words they will encounter most often in their reading

As a result, they should be learned without focusing on individual letters. The focus instead in on the look and shape of the word.

The following strategy may be helpful to you practicing these words at home with your child, included are links to videos and suggested scripts.

See and Say

Hold up flashcard, say the words, tracing the line, left to right. Get your child to repeat multiple times.

Follow this link to see video example.