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Golden National School, Golden, Cashel

Amber Flag Festive Fitnas Christmas Sports Day

22nd Dec 2021

Each class had great fun on Tuesday 21st December taking part in our Christmas sports day. The day was suggested by the Amber Flag Team and organised by them too, with great success. We were delighted for the return of the Christmas Sports Day after last year’s absence in its new socially distanced form. 
Games included a mix and match of the following games 

  1. Rudolph Race: Similar to nosy nut. Children lie flat on belly, nose on the starting poly marker, they must roll the bauble to the finish line using only their nose.
  2. Tinsel Legged Race:
  3. Penguin Waddle Race: Children race each other to end of hall with a parcel between their legs, so they must "waddle" like a penguin.
  4. Musical Snowmen: Like musical statues, with xmas music. Children must "freeze" and hold a pose when the music stops. If they move when music stops they are out, if they are not moving enough during music, they are out.
  5. Santa Sack Race: Sack race using Santa's sack.
  6. Bauble and Spoon race: Children race to finish line while holding a bauble on spoon 
  7. Parcel down the chimney: "Chimney" (box) in placed in the centre circle in the hall. Children spread out in circle around it. All children should be an arms breadth apart, so stepping back may be necessary. Using only their feet and head, get "parcel" (balloon) into the "chimney" (box).
  8. Rush hour in the Workshop: All the parcels are placed at one end of the hall. Two children race each other, carrying one parcel at a time and stack the presents to build a tower. Whenever all the parcels are all taken, the winner will be whoever has the tallest tower still-standing