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Golden National School, Golden, Cashel

3rd/4th Class work - Monday 11th January

12th Jan 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well and had an enjoyable Christmas. 

Unfortunately, what we had hoped would not happen, has happened and once again; our schools are closed and we find ourselves in the position of trying to teach remotely.

My aim for these coming weeks is to keep moving forward in our learning but also to encourage a sense of independence and responsibility in each student. The class work will be set on a weekly basis, with daily targets and activities to be completed. I would ask that one or two items are uploaded weekly to the seesaw app. Each student has a spare copy in their work pack. This copy may be used for both English comprehension work and for Gaeilge. For convenience, I have photocopied from the maths book and these photocopies may be written on to also.

This week, I am setting work from Tuesday 12th onwards. If, for any reason, you miss a day of work or a specified activity, please move ahead with the next activity set. In this way, we are all working at the same pace, at the same time and nobody should feel overwhelmed or behind in their work.

Please endeavour to do your very best with your schoolwork each day. Presentation of work and handwriting are of the utmost importance as you all know! We had made great strides with our handwriting over the past few months - let's continue to improve on this!

I will be available to contact on Seesaw daily so please feel free to contact me in regarding any class work set or any issues that may arise. I will post answers to the maths and English grammar homework on Seesaw on a daily basis which will enable the students to self-correct. We will begin our additional maths work next week (Monday 18th) beginning with Symmetry.

Ms. Corbett

Tuesday 12th January


  • Read at Home: pg. 48 (Please read aloud for an adult if possible) and complete Q1-5 (in the copy provided please, remember date and page number)
  • English in Practice: 3rd Class Day 41 and 4th Class Day 43 (do not worry if you have not completed one or two days before or indeed have already completed these days. We will all be at the same point in a day or two.
  • Spellings: 3rd/4th Class - Week 13, block 45 Ex. 1 & 2
  • Handwriting: two sections of handwriting (as accurately as possible!) 


  • Bua na Cainte 3: lch. 71 An Aimsir. Complete questions 1 - 3 in the copy provided.


  • Let's use this opportunity to revise all of our tables beginning with x2 and x3 this week.
  • Work it Out 3 & 4 : Week 13 (just Tuesday will do)


Wednesday 13th January


  • Read at Home: Pg. 49 and Q 1- 5
  • English in Practice: 3rd Class - Day 42 and 4th Class - Day 44
  • Spelling: Week 13, block 46 and Ex. 3 & 4
  • Handwriting: Two sections


  • Bua na Cainte lch. 72 'Seol Amach an Geimhreadh' - read. Also, please revise work on lch. 71


  • Work it Out 3 & 4: Week 13 (Wednesday)
  • Tables x2 and x3 revise


Thursday 14th January


  • Get Set: Pg. 106 Sheltie and the Runaway - read and answer C Q 1- 6 and E (Word watch)
  • English in Practice: 3rd Class - Day 43 and 4th Class - Day 45
  • Spellings: Week 13, block 47 and 48 and Ex. 5 & 6 (4th) and Ex. 5 (3rd)
  • No handwriting!


  • Bua na Cainte: lch. 73 An Aimsir agus ceisteanna 1 - 4


  • Tables revision x2 & x3
  • Work it Out: Week 13 (Thursday)


Friday 15th January


  • Get Set: Pg. 106 Sheltie and the Runaway - read and answer D Q 1- 6 and G (Apostrophe use)
  • English in Practice: 3rd Class - Day 44 and 4th Class - Day 46
  • Spellings - test yourself! Please complete your weekly spelling test in your copy (with help from an adult or older sibling if possible)
  • Handwriting: two sections


  • Bua na Cainte: lch. 74 An Timpiste agus ceisteanna 1 - 6



  • Work it Out: Friday test - please upload the results to seesaw if possible.
  • Tables: last day on the easy ones, please revise one last time x2 and x3